Web Design

We build all of our sites using the latest technologies available that suit your aims. We use HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript with the jQuery code libraries which allow us to add user interaction. We recommend using a responsive web design, this means the site is crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience; easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).

Lorkins Contracts Ltd Glasspace Ltdtrading as Lorkins Contracts Ltd asked us to showcase their work. With great images of their bespoke glass structures we created this site.

Acelux Ltd Acelux Ltd We created this site.

Broad Horizons PA Services Broad Horizons PA ServicesCarol contacted us asking for a simple internet presence, description of services and contact form. We created this site.

Lizzie Scott Books Lizzie Scott BooksLizzie contacted Zypher needing a internet presence ready for the launch of her first book, Mia. The site includes links to Lizzie's Facebook page and the ability for fans to 'Like' her page using Facebooks Like facility.

PDF Heating & Plumber PDF Heating & Plumbingehen we were asked to create an internet presence for PDF Heating & Plumbing. The key specification was "keep it simple", we created this site

1st Wickford Scouts 1st Wickford Scouts1st Wickford Scout group approached us asking for a website that would allow them to share all of the great things they do with the wider community, but also be able to put some images and information behind a wall. We created this site. It allows the leaders to promote their Scout troops and Cub packs and announce upcoming activities, while requiring an account to veiw articles containing protected content.

Data in the Cloud

Unchain your business from the constraints of traditional software with our suite of productivity boosting, cost reducing cloud applications. Use the latest enterprise grade solutions for a fixed fee, and no additional investment on hardware or maintenance. Free your staff from the office and boost productivity on the move.

Atkinson Contract Services Atkinson Group of CompaniesACS wanted to move their data to the cloud and enable their clients to view their records and place orders 24 hours a day. We built them a cloud-based application that allows them to manage access through client user accounts. ACS are able to load records, with images, keeping a history of movements which can all be seen by their client.

Microsoft Office Automation

The use of spreadsheets, especially Excel helps companies track, manage, plan and evaluate several business processes. Users rely on Excel to gather data and perform detailed analysis or reports, but often find it time consuming, highly manual and not integratable between applications.
The guys at Zypher can help fill this void. We build tools to reduce the manual and time consuming components of Excel by automating tasks within Excel.
We can also help you if you are working with small or very large datasets. Whether is a few thousand records or a few million records, we can design and build a database to meet your needs.

Melissa Shoe We helped the guys at Melissa Shoe with their stock and invoicing database, adding automation to forms and creating reports based on advanced SQL. This improved productivity and gave them greater access to their data.

Teamwork Logistics We built TWL a rental agreement database. The database allows them to manage their vehicle stock and provides them with reports detailing vehicle service history, vehicle depot lists and delivery round information.

TecDoc UK We have worked with TecDoc on two seperate projects, helping with Microsoft Access based reporting using advanced SQL and creating an Excel VBA tool to automate customer email distribution.