Micorosft Office Automation

We have a combined 30 years experience working with Microsoft Office. We have worked with some of the largest companies in the financial, insurance and telecommunications sectors.

We can work with you to automate and simplify the daily process you currently do manually. This will allow you and your staff to be more productive, saving you money. All of our propositions remove the need for re-keying of data and can co-exist with or completely replace paper based processes.

Zypher Resource Absence Reporting

We can offer

  • Consulting
  • Microsoft Office VBA systems development (Excel automation)
  • SQL Server, MySQL, XML, MS Access Database Connectivity
  • ... or a little guidance along the way.

We can also work to integrate new tools with your existing database or applications.

Typical Projects

Many development projects involve the re-development of a client's existing processes.

The final product, be it a new Excel spreadsheet or an Access database or a combination of both would handle all of the required aspects to automate your business process and typically includes:

  • User-friendly forms to enter data
  • Business logic to manipulate data on the fly
  • Various on-line reports
  • Data export facilities
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • Managed access to information based on user roles
  • Full history of data changes (audit trail)
  • Built-in data integrity mechanisms

All of our projects start with a free project plan.
Database development can be charged at an hourly rate, although most customers prefer to agree a set fee at the beginning of the project.
Set fee projects include (but are not based on) an agreed maximum number of hours.