Website design, development and maintenance

Your Goals

Want a successful Website? Tell us what goals your new site should achieve.

Once we understand your requirements we can help advise the best way to approach your new design.

Design & Build

We offer tailor made solutions for both the design and functionality of your website.

Whether you want a simple design and concept or a database driven website, Our in-house team have the skills necessary to take care of your website from concept to completion and beyond.

SEO Goodness

We love websites that are search engine friendly, which is why websites we build are fully optimised for major search engines such as Google.

We understand that using standards compliant coding helps search engines in viewing your website.

Why Zypher

We've built up a client base who are delighted with us. Have a look at our portfolio and our free CSS designs for examples of our work.

Also offering Software and IT support services we can manage your entire businesses needs.

Home users

Want a website but do not know where to start?
Want to get your CV out on the web?
Want a personal website for your family snaps?
Need a website for your favourite hobby?


Just supply us with copies of the materials (photo's etc...) and a rough drawing of your layout (if possible), and we will create your website/page for you.

All of our HTML (web page) code is XHTML 1.0 compliant, validated via, and will display properly on any browser that supports HTML 4.01 or greater. We test our sites on 5 of the most used Windows web browsers (Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome & Internet Explorer).

  • We can create PHP and JavaScript (scripting languages) code, for dymanic page content. i.e. Email forms and scrolling images etc...
  • We can create simple MySQL databases or use XML to store your data
  • We can hand over the copyright of the code to yourselves.
    • You may modify the code in any way you see fit.
  • We can also host and maintain your website on a yearly contract.

As a guide we charge home users £50 to create a bespoke webpage template on which they can base their site. For only £10 extra we will register your domain and include the first years hosting, further work requests during this period are charged at an hourly rate.

Please Note: All our charges are VAT free. We DO NOT accept payments via credit or debit card.